Tuesday, June 16, 2009


party people. you won't hear from me for a little while. i'm off to the laura dance festival and then aurukun, in cape york. can't wait. it is one of my favourite places in the world. hopefully we can get up to/see a little more of this:

Monday, June 15, 2009

2 x Lil Wayne Songs

this song proves that lil wayne can shred a beat like very few other rappers. i think people have somehow forgotten that he can actually rap. mental flow and too many notable quotables!

this song is one where he uses the dreaded autotune, but to great effect. it has this rad woozy feel and perfectly captures the feel of a one night stand.

new hot shit

so i saw that there were all sorts of fuckers kicking about at the bliss n eso concert the other night, something like 1500 people, all of whom, no doubt, were saying that they are massive oz hip-hop fans. don't get me wrong, i think B n E are rad, but it made me think, where the fuck are all these supposed oz hip-hop lovers at the local canberra hip-hop gigs?
sooooo, i'm gonna continue to bring you the hottest up and coming hip-hop australia has to offer. and today it's DAZED N FLAWLEZZ. coming with sick beats and thoughtful lyrics, dazed is a lad i went to school with (and is half-malaysian, yehhhhh boi!) and flawlezz is from my beloved hometown QBN. they are bringing the heat right now, and if my sources are informing me correctly are working on an LP. check them out here:


make sure you also download their EP while you're there. "daydreams" and "all things good" are my favourites. oh yeah, the EP is 100% free- yessss.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

so much cool new shit

i told you about l fresh recently, the sikh street philosopher/rapper. continuing in that vein, i've found some awesome new australian hip-hop that might have gone under your radar. i was lucky enough to meet a spoken word poet/rapper at the sydney writers' festival called lesson mc. i think he's from brisbane. dude is fucken great. lyrics, flow, thoughts- the lot. he gave me a cd and i'm sorry i only just got to it now. check out "face the world" and "please resist me". rad shit.


so. now that your ears are nicely watered, here's a new clip from my brothers roshambo and d'opus, currently the biggest thing coming out of canberra hip-hop. they have an extra pimping new video, shot, if my local knowledge serves me correctly, at the hyatt hotel. they are making some rad music right now, and it's good to see some aussie hip-hoppers dressing nicely too. chuuuch. this was one of my favourite tracks off their last LP, so i'm glad they made a clip for it. check it ouuuuut:

ro is the one with the shiny head. d'opus is the one with the hairy face. haha


something i just figured out. no-one i ever met in england (other than non-english people) ever encouraged me with my music. they were ALWAYS negative, always horrible. especially at big dada and ninja tune records, where i worked for a while. now i know how my mother feels about the place. after a while, you DO get sick of being treated like an illiterate, unintelligent piece of shit because you're australian. you know what, england? you don't run this fucking world anymore. stop treating everyone like you do.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Canberra CD giveaway

I've been up night and day burning and printing CDs. Landspeed Records in Canberra has been kind enough to say that they'll give away Shrappers Mixtapes to everyone who buys a new Hilltop Hoods CD when it's released tomorrow. Go get both Canberra people.

Oh, and of course, if you can't, then it's FREE online here:

pure beauty

hands down the most beautiful type of mosaic- moroccan zelij. if i ever get rich, i will hire people to decorate my house in this fashion.

rad new interview with moi


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

vaka moana exhibition

absolutely mind blowing. the ancestors of all pacific islanders developed means of water transport so advanced that they were able to populate the enormous pacific ocean, from PNG to Hawaii to New Zealand. this feat was by design, and definitely not by accident. these navigators were doing things in water navigation THOUSANDS of years ago that europeans only figured out a few HUNDRED years ago. i encourage any canberra people to check out the exhibition at the national museum. free entry. i love the way they arranged the exhibition: they have massive dugout canoes next to interactive video displays and religious artefacts etc to create what i think is the best, most accessible exhibition i've seen there. what a pity people don't think of the ingenuity of pacific history when they look at the pacific islands, instead merely seeing holiday resorts and failed nation states. this exhibition made me think that we need to re-think history, especially in australia. so often people point to aboriginal australians as drunks and useless bludgers, instead of seeing a population of people who have so much to be proud of, a resilient and creative people who thrived for thousands of years in the harshest climate in the world. john howard, i really hope history judges you as cruelly as you manipulated the australian people, for taking us backwards when what we most needed was progression. cunt.

haha, anyway, it's a rad exhibition. check it out.

rad monroe pic


...is a really talented lyricist from Sydney that I met doing a poetry show up there. He is wise beyond his years and I personally think could one day rise to being the greatest rapper in this country (hopefully a year or two after I do!). Get onto his conscious, intelligent music early. It really is a winner. Download his free "One Night Stand Mixtape" here. And if you don't, and he blows up as I hope he will, don't say the OBM didn't tell you...


ps: in the pic, he is the one in the turban. the other one is a guy called chuck d. you may have heard of him already.

Monday, June 8, 2009

"i robs drug dealers"

as some of you might know, i don't really watch tv very often. however, my number one television show of all time is definitely "the wire." it really is a work of genius, a mixture of intense social commentary, amazing script writing and spot on characterisation. one of the saddest things in life for me is that i will never watch "the wire" again for the first time. props to yani for introducing me to it. if you've never seen it, do yourself a favour... and see it...

my top five characters are:

5) Snoop
4) Stringer Bell
3) Prop Joe
2) Bubbles
1) ... of course... OMAR!

george kraus- fountainhead

i'm pretty partial to black and white pics, and this one in particular is extremely dope. it somehow captures stillness and movement in one moment. i was reading a thing that said it combines the vitality of youth with a sense that it was almost a death mask. i love that wanky, paradoxial, duality type shit. haha

Friday, June 5, 2009

beautiful song and video

animation by lucy dyson. really, really lovely. her work is dope.


i think i need to see the ocean. this weekend i'm gonna hit up the south coast. yessss!

i don't normally get like this, but...

...i just wanted to say a massive fuck you to every radio station who wouldnt play me, every label who wouldnt sign me, every snide friend, every person who dropped me from a song or tour, every rapper who wouldn't realise that i run circles around them, every so-called friend who could have helped me out and didn't.

that is all. i'll be cool tomorrow. haha

Thursday, June 4, 2009

my top 5 favourite dizzee rascal songs

1)Do It




5)I Luv You

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"The Shrappers Mixtape" now available for FREE download!


More FREE music from me, for you. Another truly international mixtape full of smoothness, featuring talent from the UK, the USA, New Zealand, and of course, Down Under. "Shrappers" is Aussie slang for loose change, and I named the mixtape this because your boy Omar Musa makes world class music on the thinnest of shoestring budgets!

Track list:

1) Spaderwear (remix) feat. The Regiment
2) Indulge Me (remix) feat. David Dallas and Devolo
3) Shake 'Em Up (prod. by Geoff Stanfield)
4) Struggletown Spader (prod. by 2am Club)
5) Felicity
6) So Much to Me (remix) feat. 2am Club
7) Thankyou! feat. Jahnell
8) GO! (prod. by Absolute)

Beautiful pop art from Mr. Cole Bennetts. Download that shiiiit, chuck it in your Ipods, tell your friends to get it.

Click here to download "The Shrappers Mixtape":


Much love, Omar

ps: If you want to buy some more of my music, The Massive EP is now available on ITunes! And keep watching the "Hemingway" video on http://www.vimeo.com/4878057

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

what a rad photo!

this took 26 attempts to get right... awesome