Friday, June 5, 2009

i don't normally get like this, but...

...i just wanted to say a massive fuck you to every radio station who wouldnt play me, every label who wouldnt sign me, every snide friend, every person who dropped me from a song or tour, every rapper who wouldn't realise that i run circles around them, every so-called friend who could have helped me out and didn't.

that is all. i'll be cool tomorrow. haha

1 comment:

Nii said...

Well done. Gets old being nice and pc and letting shit roll off the old shoulder. im on the same new shit, and it has the potential to scare people. and i like it. "Nii, ur usually so chill.." well if im feelin some kind of way, im gonna tell you i think ur wack - no offense to the offender. then smile and whistle my way through the rest of the day.