Monday, June 15, 2009

new hot shit

so i saw that there were all sorts of fuckers kicking about at the bliss n eso concert the other night, something like 1500 people, all of whom, no doubt, were saying that they are massive oz hip-hop fans. don't get me wrong, i think B n E are rad, but it made me think, where the fuck are all these supposed oz hip-hop lovers at the local canberra hip-hop gigs?
sooooo, i'm gonna continue to bring you the hottest up and coming hip-hop australia has to offer. and today it's DAZED N FLAWLEZZ. coming with sick beats and thoughtful lyrics, dazed is a lad i went to school with (and is half-malaysian, yehhhhh boi!) and flawlezz is from my beloved hometown QBN. they are bringing the heat right now, and if my sources are informing me correctly are working on an LP. check them out here:

make sure you also download their EP while you're there. "daydreams" and "all things good" are my favourites. oh yeah, the EP is 100% free- yessss.


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