Thursday, June 11, 2009

so much cool new shit

i told you about l fresh recently, the sikh street philosopher/rapper. continuing in that vein, i've found some awesome new australian hip-hop that might have gone under your radar. i was lucky enough to meet a spoken word poet/rapper at the sydney writers' festival called lesson mc. i think he's from brisbane. dude is fucken great. lyrics, flow, thoughts- the lot. he gave me a cd and i'm sorry i only just got to it now. check out "face the world" and "please resist me". rad shit.

so. now that your ears are nicely watered, here's a new clip from my brothers roshambo and d'opus, currently the biggest thing coming out of canberra hip-hop. they have an extra pimping new video, shot, if my local knowledge serves me correctly, at the hyatt hotel. they are making some rad music right now, and it's good to see some aussie hip-hoppers dressing nicely too. chuuuch. this was one of my favourite tracks off their last LP, so i'm glad they made a clip for it. check it ouuuuut:

ro is the one with the shiny head. d'opus is the one with the hairy face. haha

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