Tuesday, June 9, 2009

vaka moana exhibition

absolutely mind blowing. the ancestors of all pacific islanders developed means of water transport so advanced that they were able to populate the enormous pacific ocean, from PNG to Hawaii to New Zealand. this feat was by design, and definitely not by accident. these navigators were doing things in water navigation THOUSANDS of years ago that europeans only figured out a few HUNDRED years ago. i encourage any canberra people to check out the exhibition at the national museum. free entry. i love the way they arranged the exhibition: they have massive dugout canoes next to interactive video displays and religious artefacts etc to create what i think is the best, most accessible exhibition i've seen there. what a pity people don't think of the ingenuity of pacific history when they look at the pacific islands, instead merely seeing holiday resorts and failed nation states. this exhibition made me think that we need to re-think history, especially in australia. so often people point to aboriginal australians as drunks and useless bludgers, instead of seeing a population of people who have so much to be proud of, a resilient and creative people who thrived for thousands of years in the harshest climate in the world. john howard, i really hope history judges you as cruelly as you manipulated the australian people, for taking us backwards when what we most needed was progression. cunt.

haha, anyway, it's a rad exhibition. check it out.

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