Wednesday, July 1, 2009


brothers and sisters, i'm back from aurukun, cape york. we caught many barramundis, sharks, shot many pigs and ducks and saw heaps of local dancing. my home away from home.

SO. i met the legendary brad strut in london when i was living over there. he was a very intelligent guy who seemed to be sizing me up most of the time. i truly think that he is the best australian rapper and i can't wait til the day that i can pit my skills up against his on a track. that would be some crazy pyrotechnics right there.

many of my friends would testify that i have been going through some dark times lately, and really questioning whether i am cut out for this music biz. it is a harsh game that sometimes feels like a trapdoor to a well of shadows, and i am trying to figure out if i should make my full length album my debut and finale at the same time and then end there. in times like this what you often need is a ray of light into the gloom and that ray for me right now is brad strut's song "believe". this is the realest, most inspiring piece of hip-hop that i have come across this year, and i want to share it with you. love the bit where he plugs the headphones into the earth. amazing.

live from my new home sydney, omar bin musa

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