Monday, November 2, 2009

tour of indonesia and singapore

yeh man. was absolutely awesome. felt like i had something to prove, that i wasn't just a novelty for the old, rich folk to bandy about, that i am as good a written poet as i am an MC. and i think i did that. big tings coming your way in the form of my up coming full length album

met some amazing people in indonesia. thankfully the wankers avoided me. or maybe i'm the wanker and the cool people avoided me haha.

you ought to check out the following people's work if you haven't already:

antony loewenstein- my israel question
andrew mcmillan- an intruder's guide to east arnhem land

i loved ubud, bali, and the insane luxury i was living in. borobudur was truly beautiful and up there with tikal and macchu piccu as one of the most beautiful ancient monuments i've seen in person. however, my favourite place was makassar. got to meet high schoolers and uni students who showed a lot of love to the first rapper they'd ever seen! indonesian people were so open to me. up there with my favourite countries in the world, along with guatemala, bolivia, vietnam and the solomon islands.

so have you seen these BET cyphers? i think it's pretty hard to decide who was the best out of mos def, black thought, eminem and joe budden, but i'd lean towards eminem. mr marshall mathers can't help but steal the show, can he?

hope you're all good out therrrrre. i'll be in melbourne and darwin soon if anyone wants to hang.