Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Omar Musa website!

Hey guys,
World Goes to Pieces is up FOR FREE DOWNLOAD on my brand spanking new website. Please click here to get the chunkiest beats, the best lyrics and a lifetime distilled!


Much love to the guys at www.continenteight.com
If you want an amazing website, go to them.
Peace, chicken wings and fish grease,

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Anonymous said...

Assalam alaikum Omar, and ramadan mubarak! :) My name's Oishee and I'm one of the Arts Directors of a new network called JAAN - Justice and Arts Network. Our intention is to deliver joint arts and social justice initiatives to youth from diverse backgrounds. It is Muslim based, but inclusive of all people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs. We will be collaborating with various organisations from the government to advocacy groups to interested individuals, academics, students and activists.

I'm contacting you for two reasons. Firstly, we're having a launch party on September 18th in Sydney, and are getting together some Muslim and non-Muslim activists and artists to speak and perform at the event. So far we have people like Nazeem Hussain (comedian), Maher Itani (lawyer and activist), and Omeimah (spoken word and visual artist), and Hameed Attai (nasheed singer). I've been a big fan of yours since 2008 and I thought I would try my luck in asking you if you would be interested in doing a short performance at our launch, if you're in town? I think it would be amazing for Muslim youth to see someone as talented as yourself perform, and inspire them to get involved in our workshops. Which is where the second part of my request comes in - we're hoping to run some workshops as part of JAAN, and so far have Randa Abdel-Fatteh on board to run creative writing workshops over 6-8 weekends. I know you're really busy, but if this is something you think you might be interested in, I can give you further details about what it might entail. Although we're still just starting out so are really happy to get input from people such as yourself about how to go about it!

Let me know what you think, I would really appreciate it if you could email me back on sista.autonomista@hotmail.com. Or you can drop me a line on my blog! :)

Thanks again, and wassalaam.