Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Disappeared Ones

for Jill Meagher

"We have everything to say,
and nothing."

I wrote this line 
at a time of great bewilderment,
when I saw a life taken too early
and sense would not make itself known.

It is a fool's errand 
to try to make sense of the senseless,
or imagine the unimaginable,
I know that,
just as I know that my meagre words 
are but smoke to the wind.

Yet while horror rests briefly on its haunches

I think of the disappeared ones/
the lovely, brave, tremendous souls
You dwell in our memories dream clad,
gilded by sunblur 
and tender melodies.

I think of a daughter I will some day have to tell,

"My darling one,
these streets may not be safe for you -
this world will try to scour the gold 
                                                      from your eyes 
and bury bullets in your grace.
But believe me,
beauty lives here also, and compassion, 
                                                                            and goodness -
May we tip the scales in their favour."

I think of a grieving city
where the sum of our disparate parts
equals a beating heart
that declares 
"If evil exists then so does 
                                                                    the opposite."

I think of a family.

A family.

And I think of you,
beautiful stranger.

Sleep well now,
we will remember you.