Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lost Planet by Omar Musa


by Omar Musa

Lost planet-
200 light years from earth.

It's out there somewhere,
somewhere revolving
it sits unsyllabled space.
A flight away
so far
on feathered wings
through nebulae and stellar winds
through falling stars, tinted clouds
and unnamed things.


Last night I built
a rocket ship outta
vodka bottles,
sleeping pill jars,
a broken biro and a half full, red lighter.

I flew so far
and in such darkness,
that time became
a whisper.

I crash landed on a spring day
in a rippling field.
I followed a rose coloured river until
I found a door.
I knocked,
and it was answered by
my first love.
She was as passionate and forgiving as
when we first met,
her flammable kiss set me ablaze
We made love on smouldering sheets.
I was twinned in her eyes,
pinned beneath her limbs
and the swinging weight of wet hair.

It was perfect.

I walked on,
and by and by
saw my father sitting cross legged
beneath a banyan tree,
smiling and without malice.
We played chess and once I captured his king,
we ate durian,
and shared kretek cigarettes.
We spoke of ancestral heroes and water from the moon,
we laughed and

it was perfect.

I bid him farewell and walked towards the ocean.
Where the road met the sea,
I smelled cooking feed
and I saw a woman in a sarong
frying fish.
It was my grandmother,
still very strong and very beautiful
and when I approached she spoke.

Omar, datuk nenek mu dari ombak.
Rumahnya di lautan ini.
Kamu sekarang belayar di lautan, gurun dan langit.
Kata kata mu adalah layar.
Tidak kira berapa jauh kamu mengembara,
jangan lupa asal-usulmu, yang mengalir dalam darahmu.
Kita munkin miskin
tetapi mulia.
Saya tahu kamu boleh bercakap sedikit dalam Bahasa Melayu,
jangan bimbang, jangan bimbang Omar.
kita bukan sahaja berkongsi darah tetapi berkongsi jiwa.

She spoke,
and I understood every word,


Last of all before I left,
I met a young me,
juggling a soccer ball and
still believing in happy endings.
I took him by the shoulders
and told him that things would work out,


As I left in my little rocketship I looked back
and saw the streets crowded
with the lovers lost,
the brothers fallen,
the highway companions who became dreams mislaid,
waving, waving,
like fields of harvest grain.

Lost planet-
200 light years from earth.

Or maybe just a dream away.


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